Here we go again!

The first phase of the Nicollet Reconstruction is almost done and work has begun to prepare for the next stretch which will be from 32nd Street to 35th Street, starting with the 35th street intersection. This work is scheduled to begin on Monday July 9. The intersection is scheduled to be completed by Monday July 23rd and will be reopened as soon as all work is done.
Minneapolis Traffic has been in the area making adjustments between 32nd and 36th streets. Some of these adjustments could include temporary 4-way stop signs where there are normally traffic lights. Please pay extra attention to these changes to traffic control in the area.
Minneapolis water will place customers on temporary water late this week or early next. For more information on what it means to be on temporary water click here.
CenturyLink will be doing work on a manhole in the 36th street intersection. This could cause some traffic changes, more information will be provided when it is available.
Reminder that there will be a phase 2 walkaround on Thursday June 28th at 5pm, starting at the Lyndale Neighborhood Association office (3537 Nicollet Ave. So.). I recommend that especially those in the construction zone try to attend so you can learn the details of the work that will take place and ask any questions you might have.

Nicollet Ave. Reconstruction Updates for June 19, 2012

35th Street Intersection - Work is scheduled to begin on the 35th street intersection on July 9. This work is planned to take 2 weeks, weather permitting. No other road closures on Nicollet will happen during this time, but there may be other work occurring in the corridor by the contractor as well as by CenterPoint, Mpls Water, CenturyLink etc. Some of this work could require parking lane closures, but traffic lanes will still be open on Nicollet Ave.
Traffic - The Contractor is working on developing the traffic control and access plan for Phase 2 (32nd to 35th Streets) of the construction, including the 35th street intersection. More information will be shared once the plan is finalized.
Water - Regular water service is being restored from Lake to 32nd street this week. Customers from on the west side of Nicollet from  33rd street to 36th street will be on temporary water starting tomorrow. The remaining customers will be placed on temporary water late this week. All customers are scheduled to be put back on regular service by early August (weather dependent). As a reminder, the only difference water customers should notice is the exposed pipe in the area. These pipes will be covered with gravel and in some cases plywood, to avoid them being pinched as cars go over them. Water quality will be the same, if not better, as will water pressure.
Sidewalks  - will be poured late this week or early next from Lake to 32nd St.
CenterPoint - CenterPoint is continuing their work at Lake Street. They are hoping to get out of the Lake/Nicollet intersection by the time Phase 1 (Lake to 32nd Streets) is open to traffic.
Lake to 32nd Streets - with minor exception this section of the project will be open to traffic (including on street parking) by July 6. There may be some lane restrictions for a short time.

Nicollet Ave. Status Report for June 12

Work from Lake Street to 32nd Street is beginning to get wrapped up. This week will see the second and third coats of asphalt, followed by the installation of tree pits and street light foundations. Later this week, or early next, sidewalks will be poured before the final layer of asphalt is added which will probably be next week.

The 31st Street intersection is scheduled to be reopened on Thursday June 14 to at least 1 lane in each direction as Thomas & Sons complete their work. Lake Street will then undergo additional service adjustments by CenterPoint Energy.

Work on the 35th Street intersection is on schedule to begin in early July. This will require the complete closure of the intersection for up to 2 weeks. No other part of Nicollet will be reconstructed during this time so as to decrease the amount of closure time for the intersection. The traffic plan for the 35th Street intersection will be submitted later this week for approval.

Temporary water will begin next week (for a full explanation of what temporary water means please click here) for customers from 32nd Street to 36th Street on Nicollet Ave. So. The City of Minneapolis Water Department will work with customers to ensure a smooth transition.

CenterPoint Energy expects to be done making service connections through 37th street by the end of this week.

CenturyLink will be working in the 34th Street intersection this week and then continue moving south. They will contact customers as necessary.

A few ALERTS as we work through construction season:

1. Keep a close eye on traffic signs. There will be changes to detours and access as the project continues and there may be little to no notice of these changes. Share with your customers the best places to park and ways access your business during this time.

2. With lots of different and unknown people in the area due to the amount of crews working it’s difficult to know when someone doesn’t belong. Trust your instincts and ask to see credentials if you have any concerns about a person or persons near your property.

Updates on Nicollet Ave. So.

The City of Minneapolis will complete installation of the temporary water hoses and turn on the temporary water next week. The only difference water customers should notice is the exposed pipe in the area. These pipes will be covered with gravel to avoid them being pinched as cars go over them. Water quality will be the same, if not better, as will water pressure. Temporary water will be in place from 32nd to 36th streets until at least the end of June.

Water will be back in service from Lake to 32nd streets by the end of next week.

CenterPoint is working in the 31st street intersection and will move back to Lake Street once that work is complete. They also continue to work south along Nicollet to 40th Street. They will make appointments with property owners to establish the best time to reconnect the gas line. They are currently in about the 3500 block and will jump around a bit.

The 31st & Nicollet intersection will reopen by the end of next week.

Asphalt will be poured beginning Thursday June 7 between Lake and 32nd Streets. Curbs and Gutters will be poured in the same area beginning Friday June 8.

Making progress in Phase 1

East bound Lake Street reopened earlier this week after most of the reconstruction was completed for that intersection. Centerpoint Energy is still in the area completing their work but two-way traffic has been restored (with minor and short exceptions).

The 31st Street intersection closed on May 30th for through traffic. This work will take up to 10 working days to complete after which the intersection will be reopened. The intersection is being closed so that underground work can be performed.

Street paving is scheduled to begin next week for the first section of the project area (Lake to 32nd Streets).

The water mains were relined but customers will remain on temporary water until some additional work can be done. There should not be any additional service disruption during this time. Switching back to regular water service has not yet been scheduled, please check back for additional updates.

Centerpoint will continue to work with customers as they complete their gas main connections. This week they in and around the 35th Street intersection and will continue moving south along Nicollet Ave. Please call or email Jen Borger with any questions or issues related to this work (612-860-2444,